r9 290

Hi guys,

So now that the 290 is out for an awesome price (350 euro's). My question, how will this card be with streaming and when will they alternative coolers be out. Heard it was around end of November, anyone heard something about it?

Third party coolers probably going to be in the new year and with streaming it would be fine.....think streaming requires a decent CPU and Internet connection more than GPU.

Friend of mine streams at 720/1080p with a 8350+550ti with his only issue being his net connection, ive streamed at 1200p with a 650ti and a 6300....my issue was purely CPU based as its temps went nuts (stock cooler) still had  80+ FPS in game.

so... aren't the 290X already out with custom cooling solutions ?  i really hopped i could buy at-least one on Black-Friday :(

buy the referance its perfectly fine albeit noisy as hell and the 290 over clocks harder than the 290x

sure its noisy and hot but my goodness it performs, here is my 8350 with my asus referance r9 290 up against a 3930k and a 780ti same ram similar mother board


yeah thats right a tie for 1/4 of the over all system price

when companys start doing the water blocks just chuck one on that bad boy and you will have a silent beast

thats what ill be doing as soon as i can get my hands on a block for mine

the 290s both run HOT and LOUD especially when overclocked. and because they run so hot they trottle when overclocked in order to stay at 95C since they're already hot they can't OC very well

If you're Okay with this then go ahead and get a refference design card.

I personally would wait till the aftermarket designs. They will have better coolers allowing for better overclocking and over lower temps and noise. PLUS a aftermarket card will have a better power deisgn/VRM allowing for more stable components that will possibly perform better and last longer.

What with that link?

It shows a 290 with 3GB,... it's a 4GB card

and the 780ti looks to be underclocked

i really wanted a 290X for BlackFriday ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

yeah that is my problem, I can't wait till the other coolers come out. and since this is my first build i really need a card asap

3d mark has not updated the correct memory info

and no its not under clocked its how 3d mark recognises cards it tests system info on idle

here you go here is my latest benchmark go compare it to whatever you like


you read too many reveiws :)
i made my own custom curve my card rarly hits 65 and using furmark it only got to 75

and because i keep it cool it doesnt throttle

as for noise yeah it can get noisy if you ramp up the speed my curve profile hits 55% of the fans speed so it is quieter than a h100i in performance mode which isnt all that bad, you only notice it when its a really hot day or when you have the fans all in quiet mode on the h100i

dont go for the 290x it doesnt overclock as hard as the 290

value for money the 290 FTW

although the few more cores in the 290x may come in handy

here take a look at my 290 results


the R9-290 seems like a very good value for money.

yes especialy when put against something similarly priced

here it is with the highest scoring gtx 770 + same cpu


infact here in australia the 770 comes in $50 dearer than the 290

Exactly what I did.

I managed a basic over clock as well and never peak over 80c in a VERY hot room.

they already have custom water blocks out, a couple actually and if you don't want a custom loop then the Artic Accellero Hybrid already fits them for a closed loop solution