R9 290 Vs Gtx 780

I'm planning on buying a new gpu mainly for high graphics settings and the ability to record with a decent frame rate ive notice the 290x is just as good as the gtx 780 but it seems more expensive so is the 290 better or the same as the 780?

780 beats it after overclocking. And depending on your location, one may be more expensive than the other. They each come with different games. You can buy a 290x with BF4. Or you can get the 780 with 3 AAA games.

I think they are both good options. I would choose the 780, personally. The 290x is quite loud and hot, because the reference cooler sucks. However, they are releasing 290x cards with third party coolers later this year. You might consider waiting for those.

you might want to read this : http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/radeon-r9-280x-third-party-round-up,review-32817.html

 - I would love a R9 290X but with a liquid closed loop cooling solution... AIR cooling for GPU with max 30dB noise with FULL LOAD for at-least 30 minutes ... is pretty much impossible... unless you mount 2 CPU cooling units on the same GPU board :D

- as for the money.... the NVIDIA is way too expensive for the extra 5 FPS it can provide in some games...

For the price difference, the 780 really isn't worth it. The reference cooler on the R9 series sucks though, so either replace it yourself (which is more money and hassle than it is really worth unless you want the absolute best performance possible) or just wait for the nonreference coolers to come out.

well at the moment i would go for a GTX780 non reference. performance from the GTX780 and R9-290 are mostly equal, but the 780 is a cooler and more silent card, at the moment, then the reference amd.

If you can wait for non reference models of the R9-290, then i would probably go for the R9. but just now at the moment.. the GTX780.


  • R9-290 with the Arctic Accelero Extreme III (from tom's hardware's review)
  • R9-290 with an AIB cooler (if you can wait)

It's about as good as the GTX780 (If not better) and the 290 will probably get much better with Mantle in the games that support it (which are hopefully a lot). I really think Mantle is a viable selling point right now, we'll see how good it comes out eventually. Even if it fails you've got a card that's not worse or anything.

If you watercool the AMD card it will be better than the nVidia card. If you are not watercooling the card will be hot enough to fry eggs and will sound like a jet engine. It will also throttle the GPU speed. So, if you are not watercooling, get the nVidia.