R9 290 vs 770 vs 780 i need help inflated prices

Hey teksyndicate forums.

I need help with chosing graphics cards for my upcoming first pc build. Im going to be using the pc for gaming, i play alot of different games but mostly arma 3 but i want to be able to play high end games with awsome graphics aswell. The only promblem is that im from Denmark and im not sure if the prices here are reasonable i havent been able to find another store in europe with better prices considering that the website im looking at has free shipping to my location. The cards ive been looking at:

660 dollars GTX 780

585 Dollars R9 290

402 Dollars GTX 770

Wich one should i get or are the prices ridicules, until this point ive mostly been thinking about the R9 290 considering its relativly cheap price point plus nice perfomance with the aftermarket coolers.

What do yo guys think?

Go for the R9-290 aftermarket cooler indeed, those prices are not rediculous, $585 is equal to €428 for an aftermarket R9-290. the prices just went equal between Europe and US, thats why it looks like the prices in the US  went sky rocket high, but basicly this is not the case. Only some Nvidia cards are cheaper in the US i dont know realy why that is!!

R9-290, is realy a nice card, its also the most powerful of those 3. it beats the GTX780 in almost every game.

Grtz Angel ☺

Thanks for the help, i think ill follow your advice and go with an R9-290 as you said, i was just wondering aswell Will it bottelneck with a Hasswell I5 4670K ?:D

For gaming, the 4670K is plenty powerful, unless you want to play an enormously open world game with TONS of different entities and variables being calculated at once. Then, you might (and I say might) want to upgrade to a 4770K, and only then if you feel you have to play the aforementioned game at ultra quality.


TL,DR a 4670K is absolutely fine, unless you go completely nuts and decide all games must run Ultra.

Yeah will be fine no bottlenecks.

Thanks, for the help im pretty sure what im going to be building now!

Thank you too!

The prices are not equal. In the US you pay 579$ (425€) for a custom R9 290:


Here in Europe you only pay 518$ (381€) for the same card:


I guess it's because mining isn't such a big thing here yet. And I'd also recomend the R9 290, no question. Have a nice day!