R9 290 Trixx bios update?

Well getting black screen when i launch games and then it just restarts the computer i think it might be because it needs a bios update. How do i go about this i looked on the sapphire website and there is nothing about it. How do i go about this?

Im also getting crashes when i launch programs such as msi afterburner and gpu-z. My bios number right now is and im using 14.12 AMD Omega drivers. 

FML i'm just returning this crap hopefully i get one that actually works if not i'm going to ask for my money back then  go to the green team. 

What did you do to it ? You don't need to update it .

If it's not working then you should get a free replacement .

I didn't do anything to it i just does black screen of death when i try and play games it works perfectly in the desktop environment though. If i was to fix the errors i get with a bios update i wouldn't be able too anyway since gpu-z wont work at all 

can try installing it in another computer, to be sure its a faulty card

Slight problem with that i don'thave another one that would support this gpu

I've been reading up on this on sapphire forums people seem to be getting a lottery with these cards 1/2 will get a good card the other will get horrible cards. Some people have been able to rectify these problems by flashing the gpu to newer revision. I want to be able to do this i just need to know how.


Ok just got a new one still doesn't work and i still don't have any idea why this gpu black screens when playing games for 10 seconds. I have wiped drivers and reinstalled windows and still nothing this is starting to just annoy me to the point of taking a sledgehammer to this god awful gpu.

Can you tell me what PSU you have?  If the replacement does the same then I think that your power supply may be at fault.

CX500w corsair which is low but when these games crash i look at how much is been taken out of the wall and it doesn't even go over 500 watt.

You might want to look into other problems in your pc / house .


A mad / overly irritated user can be the cause to many problems .

I have the bios you need to flash on your gpu. it will fix everything pm me for my email, or you can go here


Don't keep rma'ing the card. I had the same issue as you, now that its fixed ive been loving this card.

Thing is ive flashed it to


Are you sure you flashed the UEFI and Regular Bios Correctly? This gpu has two and must BOTH be flashed.

I just used the ati win flash tool and a file from tech power up vga bios collection

When it says make usb bootable stick is it freedos bootable i need to make?

Okay ill break it down for you

Step 1) make a bootable USB

https://rufus.akeo.ie/   (you can leave everything default when setting it up)

Step 2) download the BIOS files, then extract them to the bootable usb (The ati flash tool)


Step 4) Boot into ms-dos mode, not safe mode. This will be under the advanced options in  Windows 8.1

Step 5) type "dir" in the prompt to double check that every file you will need is there.

Step 6) Make sure the little switch on the GPU is switched to the RIGHT position (orientation for reference; fans on the gpu are positioned down. You should see a little switch on the top left of the card). Type the below command in the cmd. This is the UEFI Bios. It will then tell you to reboot, DO NOT REBOOT.

atiflash -p 0 285PF5HB.U44 -f

Step 7) Now move that little switch into the LEFT position. This is VBIOS. Type the below command. Once this is done, move the switch back to the UEFI (right) position, you may now reboot.

atiflash -p 0 285PF5HB.O44 -f

Step 8) You have just flashed both BIOS's at this point. Once at the desktop open CCC (Catalyst Control Center), restore all settings to default. Then Set "Surface format optimizations" to OFF position and Select "Application control" (Not AMD) for tesselation.

Step 9) Run Stress Tests like Heaven or Valley.

Step 10) GAME :)

I press shift then click restart then i go to advanced options reboot then look at the menu there is no option for ms-dos am i doing something wrong?


Boot to the usb with dos on it. The one you made with rufus.