R9 290 (non x)

Isent there a R9 290 (not the x Version) that is supposed to come in at a lower price point. If so I'm thinking of trying to fit that in to my budget instead of a i7. Currently my GPU is going to be a R9 280x.

Suppose to be. Its going to replace the 7950 - my guess at the $250 price point. No idea when it's coming out though.

It's going to replace the 7950? Pretty sure their new system would indicate that it would replace the gap between the R9 290X and the 280X? An R9 280 would be a 7950 replacement would it not?

280x is a rebranded 7970, so 290 will be somewhere between 7970 and 7990 I guess?

the diffrence between the R9-290 and the 290X, will be the amount of stream processors and the clock speeds.

The 290 will come with 2560 stream processors. with a core clock upto 950 mhz.

The 290X wil come with 2816 stream processors and will be a GHZ edition.

the R9-280X is a rebranded 7970, and is a replacement for the 7950. the R9-290 will be the replacement for the 7970. and the 290X will be the replacement for the 7970 GHZ edition.

I suppose ill add that the rumored price point is 450-550 which would make sense since the 280x is filling the 300-350 range. No way will it be 250 like the first poster speculated. Then id guess 600-700 for the 290x.

doesnt it also lack that audio thing? or did i just miss read something somwhere.

check out the third slide down



Must of miss read an article or something :D

most articles on the internet relating to the r9 290(x) cards, the 290 will be $500 and the 290x will be $650. they are probably right. personally i think it would be much more reasonable for the 290 to be $450.

Only thing is, the difference between a 290 and a 290X is much bigger than the difference between a 7970 and a 7970GHz. Also, the 7970 could be turned into GHz by overclocking. The 290 is a completely different GPU than a 290X.

the diffrence between the 7970 and 7970 ghz edition where indeed only the base clock speeds. with the 290 and 290X as i said above they are also the same GPU´s but on the 290 they disabled a bunch of stream processors, and they also clocked them lower. then the 290X.

But the 290 and 290X are basicly the same gpu´s. only  diffrent stockclocks and disabled stream processors on the 290.

I misread, I thought the OP said 280. You're correct, the R9 280 is the 7950 replacement.