R9 290: grey pixelated tears on main screen[Solved]

Hey all,
For whatever reason I did not check into the problems the R9 290's had.
I was getting black screens upon startup using the latest AMD driver, so I tried the 14.9 driver and now it works just fine except for one little glitch...
Anything in 2D gives me grey tears across my main monitor.
Here is a video of it on Skyrim.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

have you overclocked it?

280/290's often do screen artifcating like this if they are pushed to far, from my experience

Your card has experienced some degradation (most likely) and I'd back off your overclock.

Give the card more voltage i have a card that dosent like running at stock -black screen bug sometimes to
The factory oc on it wasent stable uping the voltage slightly made it stable.

I have not overclocked, but it is used so perhaps the original owner did.
EDIT: Thats what caused it, thanks!

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About how much should I increase it by?

Just tap up in small increments try it and if its not right up it slightly more test again

Ok. Thanks

also, are you running this on DVI or what? might double check your cable.

Using dual dvi for main monitor, hdmi to dvi for second monitor. Havent had any probles with my 7950 with my set up, i think the 290 is just giving me a hard time.

Thats cool, But it never hurts to be sure.

Ok, so I guess it had a slight OC at 1000 core and 1300 memory so I put it back down to 957 core and 1250 memory.
Now it works great. Thanks everyone! Hopefully it will continue working.