R9-290 Bottleneck

I'm building a new system soon(Black Friday/Cyber Monday :D).  But I'm unsure if the Athlon II X4 760K will bottleneck the R9-290.(Don't worry I'm getting the Direct CUII version)

Thanks for any help, in advance!

I think that the cpu will indeed bottleneck it. i think the Athlon will not be powerfull enough to keep up with the R9-290. but offcourse you can OC the hell out of the Athlon, and see how far its holding back the gpu, maybe its still  a good combo.

a list of all the parts you plan to get would help. and for what reasons will this pc be built for?

i wouldn't recommend the athlon 760k, i mean the 6800k will perform better, i know that CPU dsn't bottleneck the GPU, got a buddy that has that set up.  Check out Jayztwocents video on GPU bottlenecking to be informed, it'll help you understand how it happens.  with HSA coming out, having an iGPU can be used for computation, i have yet to see a real life scenario but we might see iGPU's being utilized for more productivity and taking some load off CPU even more now.

I understand how it happens, I'm just unsure if this CPU is good enough to not bottleneck an R9-290

Complete partlist http://pcpartpicker.com/p/27QK1.

I'll probably upgrade the processor to a Athlon II X4 860K(Steamroller cores :D), once it's release.

please inform me on how a cpu performs worse than the same cpu with integrated graphics

i would personaly spend more money if you not have any parts yet,  buying a Asus M5A99X evo R2.0 with a FX8320 8 core cpu, pair that with the R9-290 and you have a beast system ☺

It depends on the game. I seen some benchmarks showing some games have identical framerates between i3, Athlon II X4, FX 8350, and i7s, and in some others the difference is huge.

I can't say I understand the decision to get a 760K and then upgrade in 6 months for another $120ish. Getting an FX 6300 and 970 motherboard at the very least would be around comparable to the steamroller athlon once it's released and cost only slightly more than the 760k up front saving you <$100 by the time you would have gotten the steamroller athlon. Only reason to get the Athlon would be if you're making a mATX or a mini ITX build since there are no mini ITX AM3+ boards and I wouldn't trust any of the mATX ones tbh.

The benefit of the Athlon 760k is it will overclock really easily. But it lacks L3 cache which I've heard can cause framerate spikes in games, and the FX 6300 has 50% better multithreaded performance for just a couple more dollars.

strings for gpu...i'm not entirely sure but from what i've been told by a few IT's is that since the APU has strings for the iGPU, it is more linked because GCN is embeded onto the CPU.  The other part is also that with HSA it won't be right away but maybe a year down the line, the GPU will do CPU related workloads.  So in a way the need for CPU is starting to disappear because a GPU can outperform it during computational needs.  This means there will be less CPU cores and more iGPU cores later in the future(this is speculation though).  The industry is finding out that CPU's are actually quite inefficient in general and that GPU reacts much faster.  Now when DDR4 comes out, it will be even bigger because iGPU's will utilize the DDR4 strings.  i would recommend reading about how hUMA will affect HSA...that's the string that will make GPU performance work alongside with the CPU while your graphics card will function normally.  In a way you'll be running 2 GPU's without crossfire or anything like that.  That's why the Radeon R9 290/290x don't have a crossfire bridge.  They're nearing that idea.

The difference won't be huge, so I wouldn't recommend spending that money again for 5-10% better performance.

You'd better wait or get something better now.

This ^ Or, at the very least, the Quadcore FX.

I wouldn't put above a 280 on the athlons, no l3 cache, heck even on the Pentium anniversary I wouldn't put a 290. If you can get at least a 6300 from amd, an 8320, like MisteryAngle, said would be preferred for a 290 and amd cpu though. If you go intel an i5 would work from them.

But yeah athlon + 290 = probably no.

I thought the 760k was the 5800k without the gpu not 6800k.