r9 280x which to choose

so i builded my pc a couple month ago and now its time to get a gpu for it. i want the r9 280x but i cant really decide wich one to choose. i think i am going to buy the gigabyte windforce oc revision 2 because it seems like a nice card and its not to expensive. but i cant find anywhere if this one also has an dual bios switch, so if anyone can confirm this that would be great. or any other suggestion's for a new gpu my budget is around 250 euro's 

thanks in advance 

(Sorry for the bad english not a native speaker)

yes the windforce cards are allways having a good showing, decent coolers.

Sapphire Toxic is basicly the best one you could get, But you also pay the price for it. The Toxis cooling unit, is a littlebit quieter then the Windforce, but the Windforce cooler is very decent aswell.