R9 280x Vapor X or Tri-X?

Hey guys, I'll be upgrading my computer again soon and I'm torn between the Tri-X and the Vapor-X. I think the Vapor-X looks like it has a slightly better clock and cooling solution, but i'm not 100% sure. Also I'm running an older Corsair GS700 PSU, should I be fine as far as power consumption goes(won't be overclocking)? They recommend a 750w PSU.

The Vapor-X is a better cooler, so it will run colder and really quiet, or you could use the better cooling to overclock harder. Either way the Vapor-X is the one you want.

Coolio, that's what I was thinking after I got to looking at the specs a bit more. I'm more worried about power consumption, but I do know the give you a higher recommended consumption so idk. Do you htink 700W would be good?

Depends on the rest of your system.  550-600w would probably be good for most systems.  Of course, make sure it's a quality power supply.

Corsair 700w 80+ bronze. I did a check on pcpartpicker and it came out to 459W total :)

very impressed with how quiet the vapor x is...

we talk about the 280X right?

the 280X toxic and the Vapor X are very similer, the vapor X has the better cooler, however it most of the time cost  a bit more, is it worth it? i dont think so

The Zibob said the Vapor x is the better cooler. I dont think it is worth it though with the r9 280x. They aren't that hard to keep cool and the toxic will usually overclock really well.

It's only like a $15 dollar markup from the Toxxic right now so I think i'll go with it. :) Plus I live in Texas and the ambient temp is about 85 in my atm.

Cooler is important to me since I live in Texas and since I'm a broke ass college student I'm staying at home so no control over the temps if I don't wanna get bitched at and it's kept around 85 F. Extra cooling will be nice :) Thanks for the input though.