r9 280x ---> rx 480?

I bought a R9 280X on Ebay for about $200 about 4 months ago and I am wondering if it is worth it to sell it and buy a RX 480 when it comes out (or when it comes in stock after the rush). Is it a risk to put my r9 280x on ebay?

480 is expected to outperform 280X/380 in everything.
But we need to see benchmarks to see how much exactly. Anyway, wether or not you are going to get rid of your 280X now or wait until 480 comes out is your choice.

Plus the 480 should be cooler and more quiet, right? The 280x that I have refuses to turn it's fans off at 60°C.


It's market value will go down hard and quick once RX 480 comes out, so if I were you I'd sell it now if you plan on making some money on it. AMD is literally changing the entry landscape by putting out a 5+Tflop card for only $200.

The rx 480 has about 5.5 tflops.
for comparison:

So it will be better than the r9 390 or gtx 970.

This is true. I have decided to list it as soon as possible.

🙏 Pray who ever is looking at your listing that they haven't heard of RX 480 yet, 😖.

480 Should perform about 40-70% better than a 280x from my estimations based on what we know so far.


If it was me and I could afford to, then yes, But sell it sooner rather than later as 290's will start to loose a lot of value soon, IMHO