R9 280x Coil Whine

Hey everyone!

My new Vtx3D r9 280x came today and I've just installed it, updated drivers and tried out BF4 and AC4 as little tests.

Unfortunately I'm getting a very loud coil whine from the card and really unusual framerates (only 50-60 fps in AC4 with all settings at their lowest). 

Any suggestions as I'm considering returning the card?

Thanks for your help!

coil whine can be the card or the psu...

Just opened the case and it's definitely the new GPU.

You missunderstand me psu's can give gpu's Coil Whine its hard to get gpu's rma'ed for 'Coil Whine' as it can be any combination of hardwhere delivering power to it thats is the cause of it.

Could this mean my PSU needs an upgrade? It's a Corsair 80+ Bronze 600W which I thought would be plenty?

Tested with a new 750w psu and the problem persists..


I had a msi r9 280x. It coil whined really bad on my old power supply. After I got a new power supply it completely stopped. (I was getting a new one anyways). Some power supplies just don't play well with certain graphics cards. 

Also, I've read several bad reviews from other cards made by that company. You might just have a bad card. 

Also if you are planning on water cooling the card it will completely eliminate the problem.