R9 280X Backplate

I need to find a backplate for my gigabyte R9 280X Oc edition (Revision 1)

I'm currently in the process of redoing my systems look, and with my Case I am doing an Orange and Black theme.

However, the 280X's PCB is the ugliest blue that I have ever seen. I want to get a black, full coverage backplate. So far however, I've had absolutely no luck with finding one, i thought perhaps i could get one that is a part of a water-block, but I haven't found one of those for sale that can be shipped to Australia. If anyone knows anything or finds anything, and help would be appreciated.



You probably won't be able to find a backplate for it, 90% of the water cooling backplates you will find are for the reference design cards and gigabyte's windforce cards are custom and are not compatible with parts for reference design cards