R9 280 (non-x): Missed opportunity for AMD?

AMD released the 280x not too long ago which was based on the 7970 GHz. I do think they missed out on selling a 280 which would be a rebadged 7950. If they sold it for $250, I believe I would have gotten that instead of a GTX 760 as it can overclock better. 

WWhat do you guys think? Should AMD have released a R9 280 for $250?

well i not see why realy, there are a few 280x cards who have a base clock from under a GHZ that are basicly 280 non X cards. but because they have a boost clock just arround a ghz they can sell them as 280x

Yeah, when I got my card the 760 was a bit meh for the price, so I got the 270x. If AMD had the 280 maybe 10 bucks cheaper than the 760 I would've gotten it. No regrets with the 270X but the performance on Very High settings on DayZ is about 30 fps, I would've thought I'd get about 45 but whatever the game still looks stellar on high.