r9 270x vs gtx 660

hey everyone i really want to get into pc gaming and im stuck with what gpu to get, im on a budget and been thinking about getting an r9 270x or a gtx 660. at first i was thinking a r9 270x because i can get bf4 for free, but the gtx 660 i get batman origins, and assassins creed 4 for free, which one is better 

Get the Gtx 760, its about 10% faster than the Gtx 660 and is still in the same price range

well first of all thanks for the fast response, but the gtx 760 is around 250 and i see a gtx 660 for 180 and i think im going to have to buy a new power supply also 

In terms of performance, I think the 270x would win. Since the 270x is a little closer to the 660ti, I believe. I think BF4's multiplayer would keep you occupied longer than AC4 or Batman Origins - both of which you might pick up on Steam at a cheap price in the approaching winter sale.

well the thing is also that on bf3 the highest level i was like 27 and i got it day one, i got bored quick and too slow gameplay, but i think thats because i play on xbox, but i do want to play bf4 i got it for ps3 but i have not open it just in case i want to return it, and i love all the assassins creed games, and the batman also,

also whats up with 192-bit and 256-bit, what is that about and is it important

That affects memory bandwidth. It's not the only factor in determining memory bandwidth, but it's a big one.

For games, more memory bandwidth means better scaling to higher resolutions or AA levels, all else being equal. If you check benchmarks of the cards, I think you'll find the 270X does indeed scale better.

If you just want 1080p gaming, either card should do the job. I have a 7870, which is basically a 270X, and I max just about everything with 4xAA at 1080p.

Stop. Radeon R9 290X. Problem solved.

a 660 and a 7870 are about as close as 2 cards can get, they'll switch back and forth depending on the game, but neither card is outright better than the other

Stop. R9 290 with drivers of 290X installed. It makes them the same card esentially, with one being $150 cheaper. Which seems like a smarter decision?