R9 270x Upgrade

I just got a 270x but my PSU (antec earthwatt 650w) only has 1 6pin can I use the adapter that XFX sent me?  The 4pin to 6pin and be okay or should I just upgrade my PSU?

So basically can I just use the 1 6pin coming from my PSU and then the adapter 4pin to 6pin for the other slot for my GPU and not fuck anything up?


Of course you can use it.  That's why they give it to you.

ya use the adapter your power supply is good enough to run that card.  In the future if you have to use the adapter again maker sure you have the wattage and amperage to run the card before using it.  Your Antec 650 will be just fine for that card though.

why would they give you an adapter if it fucked things up?

alright thanks guys, I was just asking because people on YT were saying using the adapters can cause issues with drivers and such.