R9 270X No signal. PLEASE HELP!

I just bought a R9 270X and when I plugged it in it won't give me a signal. I swapped my old 7850 and now it just won't work. I've seen other people have similar issues, but no good answer so far. Is it just DOA? The keyboard and mouse turns off as well. And yes, everything is correctly plugged in.



Mobo: Asus M4A89GTD Pro. 

CPU: Phenom II 960T Black ed. 3.0 GHz

GPU: MSI R9 270X (Old one is a Sapphire HD 7850)

SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 256 GB

PSU: Fractal Design 650W Bronze


Thanks in advance.

Don't know, might be your CPU that is a little bit outdated, which seems odd because it really isn't.

It might also be that you've broken something on your motherboard, that you've broken a pin on the PCI-e or something.

Try putting back the 7870 and see if that works, if so it's probably a broken card you have.

But even if the CPU was outdated, why would that make me unable to use my PC with a newer GPU?


It technically still should work.

Check the PCIe lane to see if anything looks out of order.

We'll if your CPU is to old to be able to recognise your GPU it might be problematic.

The phenom is quite new, like two years, so I have very hard believing that's the case. 

Actually it's quite impossible.

the problem must be that something is broken. 

Problem solved. Apparently the 6 Pin PCI-e Cable was under stress and had finagled int's way out of the correct position. Rerouted the cable and it now works. Thanks of the help anyways, guys.