R9 270x Direct CUII TOP OC safe temps?

what are safe temps for this gpu since i currently have it in my system. the reason is that it been bugging me of what are the safe temps for this card.

ps. it at 1200 mhz core clock and is it safe for a  radeon 4650 sapphire to hit 100C and over??? 

NO GPU should be hitting 100C. as a matter of fact No component in your system should be hitting that temperature. if you have a GPU hitting 100C then you must have some atrocious airflow in your system. or the aftermarket card you own must have a poor cooler on the GPU. that is very very bad. and to answer your question the highest I've ever seen the R9-270x go up to is about 76C, and that was with an 1170Mhz overclocked on the core. and under a gaming load.(coming from personal experience i used to own one before i jumped and grabbed a GTX 770) so to be honest the safe temps are about 80C for most cards and below. you don't really want your GPU To go above that. excluding the R9-290 and R9-290x which are made to run on the 95C temps but with optimal cooling (Aftermarket cards) stay at the very very low 80s.

yeah the 4650 was in preowned  acer aspire, had NO FANS except the heatsink for the cpu had to nab one from a even older system just to keep it from shutting down when from light usage to playing games and it still does but less frequently and i was not that tech savvy as i am now . thanks for giving me an idea of what  safe temps of my gpu should be