R9 270 vs R9 270X?

Choosing the graphics card for my new build. In total the build should be around £500-£550, I know the XFX versions of the R9 series cards come with BF4 which for me is a huge plus! Should I save money get the 270 and overclock it, or should I fork out an extra £30 and get a 270X? What frame rates with mantle should I expect on BF4, I hope to play on ultra.

I was thinking about something along these lines http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2LRU6



P.S this is going to be my first build can't wait to get into PC GAMING!!!

R9 270 = HD7870 R9 270X = overclocked HD7870 

You will be able to play BF4 on ultra with either the 270 or the 270x. From my understanding they are identical, but the 270 ships with a lower stock clock. According to LinusTechTips, the 270 will overclock to the speeds of the 270x with ease. I would advocate saving money, to be honest.

Took the trouble of completing the parts list for you:


I changed the CX600 for a cheaper, and arguably better PSU. Will give you enough headroom to upgrade to a higher-end GPU in the next 2-3 years, when you decide to refresh.

I think your build looks great. You might consider a different case, but that is quite subjective. Consider an aftermarket CPU heatsink. You could use the stock heatsink for a number of months, but it is best to replace that.

Thanks guys!