r9 270 blue screen

I recently overclocked my r9 270, after i was nearly sure people maintained they got the core clock to 1085 MHz, but in msi afterburner it is capped to 1050MHz.  So i kept this value along with 1500 on the memory clock.  I recently started to play witcher 2 and i thought it was the game but i'm starting to think it's the overclock, a strange pattern comes on the screen, probably because of witcher, and then windows says its shutting down to protect my pc.  It says its blue screen error, so is my overclock unstable? I'm nearly sure some websites had the card at 1085MHz

Yes it means the overclock is unstable. Always remember each game utilizes the GPU differently. What may be a stable clock on witcher may not be a stable clock on let's say fallout or skyrim or battlefield or whatever. However if that is the only game the card is not stable with that overclock bump the GPU core clock in a miniscule fashion. Downclock your 1085mhz every 5mhz to see if the game becomes stable.

I actually can't get it to 1085, its capped to 1050 in afterburner, i brought it down to 1040 and 1490.  Yea witcher is pretty unstable with it and dota is fine as expected, skyrim would probably be unstable too with the mods.  Why can't i exceed 1050 if others can, is it msi afterburner?  Even if I could 1050 is unstable anyway, why can others get higher with no problems?

I would recommend GPU tweak by ASUS their over clocking software give you the most functionality and control. Also according to hwbot.org where you can check average over clocks on hardware an average over clock on a R9 270 is 1082 on the core clock. So work around that.

Yes but if its unstable at 1050, i'll probably never reach that or is this just because of witcher 2?  One last question, i haven't touched the power limit, how should i adjust it, i presume it increases the voltage because of basic dc laws, maybe this could be holding me back. Again msi afterburner or the actual card do not allow the voltage to be unlocked.

That's probably why your overclocks aren't stable. Raise the power limit To give the gpu the power it needs. Watch some GPU overclock videos they are fairly easy Logan has a few and Linus has a few and also Austin Evans has a few on YouTube. It explains in each depth on how to overclock your gpu

I have been using MSI Afterburner to overclock my MSI R9 270l, here are the current clocks and speeds I am running it at:

I have been trying to get the voltage unlocked so I can attempt to run it at a 1200 core clock but everything I have tried wont unlock the core voltage. It blue screens past 1130 MHz though. I keep it at 1100.

Nice i'll work on that tomorrow, thanks for replies guys

I'm currently at 1120 on the core, no stable issues yet with heaven benchmark...