R7 and R9 equivalents

Was planning a budget gaming build for a friend, originally was looking at something like an HD 7770 or a GTX 650 or maybe something else slightly upwards in performance and price, when someone suggested one of the new R7's. However i'm not that familiar with either the R7s or the R9s, was hoping someone could tell me how they rate against the older HD and GTX cards, as in their performance equivalents. Thanks in advance.

R7 260/ 260X = HD7790 

R9 270/ 270X = HD 7870 

R9 280/X = HD 7970

R9 290/X new cards

Anything lower than the 260 is not woth buying r7 250 = HD 7730  and the R7 240 is a HD 7510 (its a OEM card you cant buy it)

 As for the HD 7770/GTX 650 cards thay go like this..(worst to better)

GTX 650 > HD7770 > GTX 650 TI > HD 7790 > (HD 7850/GTX 650TI BOOST allmost identical performance)


The HD7790 the R7 260/X the r9 290/x cards all have AMD's new 'true audio' technology

they're mostly re-brands and will perform exactly as their 7k variants, (with some performance differences caused by different clock speeds) easiest way to see what's a re-brand of what is to check core count and see what it matches up to

off the top of my head the ones I know are

  • 270+270x=7870
  • 280x=7970
  • 260x=7790

Thanks, Just the kind of answers i was looking for, read on some site that one of the lower end R7s were the same price as a 7770 but performance wise was much lower

Looks like it'll be the 260x