R7 260x vs R9 270x

I have been researching about parts for my budget PC. I have worked out all the other parts such as I am going to use an FX 6300 and are planning to overclock when I save up a bit more for an after Market heat sink. The only problem is whether to get an R7 260x or a R9 270x. Because i live in Australia parts are really expensive and the 270x is 100 dollars more then the 260x. I was thinking of getting the 270x but maybe should i get a 260x and put that 100 dollars saved into a SSD(60 dollars and a 40 dollar heatsink) or just getting a SSD or just getting a really good heatsink.

Thanks Ziggy

you're going to be able to play more games at higher setting at higher framerates for longer with the 270X. It would be my choice, SSDs are nice but I would prefer higher FPS

Don't get an R9 270X. Get an R9 270. It is the same but with lower clock speeds. Most 270s can be easily OCed to 270X or faster speeds. Plus it should be a bit cheaper. 

The R9 270/X is significantly faster than the 260X and is a much better value. You should be able to max most games at 1080p with it or at least near max. 

You could go for the R9 270 or the R7 265

There is no competition between the two 


you can get an R9 280 right now for $159


Get the 270 and then a better cooler later. The ssd won't really increase your gaming performance so it can be added later. 

Hope your house has A/C or you be buying a cooler first, the stock fx6300 cooler is terrible.