R7 250X linux drivers being weird

Since 15.10 came out full swing for ubuntu mate the GPU drivers have been insane. The radeon drivers crash / stall and the FGLRX (updates and non-updates) drivers turn my fan off and make games unplayable.

When I record with OBS on the radeon drivers and play something like TF2 the drivers crash almost immediately, but just playing TF2 the drivers crash after 20/25 minutes. If not doing anything and just being online on youtube I am normally fine.

I don't really know what to do about this and until this new install updates I am fine with the old drivers. I will also mention the radeon drivers have crashed on other machines, not just this one. I was suggested some stuff to add to the kernel mods pre-boot (radeon.hard_reset=1 and radeon.dms=0) and they didn't work for me.

If anyone has any good ideas for me please do let me know. I want to get off windows as soon as possible yet again and the only reason I was back on it was for a tournament. I don't really care about files, if you're wondering, as long as my recordings and resume are backed up :P

Anyways thanks for any notes or help.

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AMD catalyst driver are tricky.

Did everything work fine on previous driver version ?. Surely there isnt a dependency issue if you go back one version of drivers.

I have an ubuntu mate 15.04 disk from when it came out last year and all the software on it is perfectly fine. My installs have been as up to date as possible and until this update set everything has gone down the crapper.

Time to rewind, maybe skip an update or two until it is fixed

Will that be a shot down on me? I mean I can ignore updates easily but will it cause problems?

I don't use Ubuntu,

But surely it has (forgive the gentoo terminology) "Mask" a package. I would think that should be an issue, to keep you system mostly up to date bar the gfx driver. It doesn't mean that you won't ever update, just mean you wait for the bugs to be ironed out. it won't be bleeding edge but sometimes that is ok

Well in ubu it has an app for updates and just has generic descriptions. Now in arch I can easily go in and say "Screw that package" but in ubu I have 0 clue where anything is.

Maybe someone can enlighten me there.

There is another answer,

Maybe they do not have a system. and you have to manually downgrade package each time ?

No clue. Not worth it.

As Douglas Adams once said
"DONT PANIC" in nice friendly letters

The googles tells me this

or man pages if you like


I feel relieved

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Just for shits and giggles, try running the linux 4.4 kernel.

I know you are not going to benefit from AMDgpu, but things just might work better on the new kernel.

I don't think AMDGPU even works for my card. Besides how would I get 4.4? I only know how to get up to 4.2

Welcome to Ubuntu.

The only distro that could really care less about the end user.

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Lol I'm going to say you're wrong, it's just the only other distro I like is arch and that really did not work.

Here Here !

It wouldn't take long to test,

surely using a custom kernel can't be that tricky

Honestly in the 7 or so years I have been a linux user, maybe more years?, I have never done that sort of thing :P

Seems weird doesn't it?

I have another thought: Manjaro. I haven't had much luck with flat arch so I think I'll dig out a manjaro disc if this doesn't work out.

Again, if anyone has an answer for this annoying bit of the AMD graphics drivers, especially if you use a 250X, please do let me know.

Couple things.

I mentioned AMDgpu is probably not going to work for you. The only reason I am saying to update the kernel is because when I had my AMD 290x and I was using the proprietary driver, updating the kernel seemed to fix a lot of issues.

Someone recommend that fix for me. Now I am recommending it for you. Best case; it solves your issue. Worst case; you simply revert back to the old kernel in Grub.

And kernel 4.2 is fine. If you do not know how to update the kernel manually though, I suggest you google around. There are several groups online that have high performance precompiled kernels for ubuntu.

And ubuntu has made it very clear it does not care about its end user. Like it all you want. Thats fine by me. If you go digging a little you will see that ubuntu (mostly cononical) really does not care about the user.


If the drivers for the 250x and a 270x are similar enough to warrant any of the fixes here as a possible solution to my issue of steam thinking im using the open source drivers and occasional graphical glitches/black screens. (each about once every 2 days at the most but one day it was INSANE)

sadly thats not my only issue so im going to go and try to figure out why my file system keeps going RO <_<

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No it is perfectly fine to say that. I think the cool thing is that in Linux as opposed other OS is that you can if you want/ need change the kernel.

I think the simplist answer is to downgrade you driver for this version. pin the package for a month or two and BOom

Another option is to try the git/cvs version of the amd drivers. Maybe there is a solution there, but I think all up it will probably be more work.

Also if you wanted to try arch I am sure there is a lot of people that would be happy to assist you, myself included.