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R3-2200G Upgrade. need help - Driver installation problem


TL;DR - new upgrade to ryzen APU. drivers are fucky, windows are running but no display if there is any graphic drivers are installed, but shows up ‘fine’ when i uninstall them

Desktop upgrade

CPU Ryzen 3 - 2200G

GPU the Ryzen 3 Vega Graphic

Ram 2x8GB (rated at 3000mhz, but still running at the bios default 2666 and not changing it until this is fixed)

Board MSI B450M Mortar

made a thread about the parts choice before, about 3 weeks ago over here

so. got the parts and build the upgrade just today. finished building, posted first try and went into bios. good. went smooth up until now


this is where it goes wrong. bios finished, windows loading screen showed up… then nothing. blank. no monitor signal. after like a minute, suddenly the sound of the youtube video i last opened (while still on the old system) started playing. so by this time, i know it’s running, windows running, but just no display


Restarted a few times, nothing. finally went into safe mode, which works, and displayed everything just fine. uninstalled the display driver with DDU.


restarted and booted normally. got into windows. tried to reinstall the drivers. install is finished, restart. aaaaaaaand i’m back to square one. no display once the BIOS loading screen is done, windows is running and playing out sounds from the speaker.


i tried this like 3 or 4 times already

i tried to install both the 18.12 driver version and 19.1, neither worked (and the 19.1 needed a digital sign enforcement thingy to be shut off)

i’m typing this at 1024x600 resolution right now, and the scaling of everything is fucky. HALP


What kind of monitor? Running through any sort of display splitters etc? AMD is notorious for this stuff especially when using a splitter on the outputs.


nope. just a single monitor

though. this is it

it only accepts VGA or DVI Input. while the board only outputs DisplayPort or HDMI. so i am using a DP->DVI adaptor


You sure you installed the “AMD ALL IN ONE VGA DRIVER”?
You can’t use the AMD Graphics driver from their site, You only have updates once every 3 months.

Download the driver from your motherboard vendors website.


well this is stupid…

it works. thanks for this^

but really. i’m moving from an APU to another APU

the older APU just runs on the normal graphics driver just fine and update every 2-3months

and now the ‘newer’ APU has to revert to the older drivers??? wtf??