R.I.P Thief Series



“We wanted to bring in more for the modern audience of today’s console market.”

"He’s now in the game doing more action moves" <------- THIS IS A STEALTH GAME FFS, HE IS A THIEF, NOT AN ASSASSIN


 "on that side we wanted the costume and the suit to reflect that. In the beginning he was more gothic. We toned down all the things that felt gothic, for example black nails and things like that. We want to make him a little bit more mainstream on that. Yes he’s a dark character, but we don’t want people to say he’s a gothic one.”"


Well, it looks like my anticipation for this game melted away. I can't say I'm surprised.

Oh dear god.. We're really just going to end up with Assassins Creed won't we.. This is incredibly depressing.

fucking sellout, well this guy is dead to me. looks like i wont be buying the next theif.

funny you say that pip i have asses creed 2 and 3, havent played them yet, not sure i will either. only have em cause i got em free with my gpu.

Well, looks like my hopes for this game just went out the fucking window. I was really hoping they would actually stay true to the Thieft formula, and make a true stealth game, instead of an just another action game with a couple stealth mechanics. 

There is an update on the article you should probably read

They did an ok job with Deus Ex: HR. Might not be that bad - there might be a hardcore mode or something. But yeah, usually console market = crappy game (or at least dumbed down)

Wait and see I guess. 

The same thing seems to be happening with the Splinter Cell series, but I read somewhere that they'll include a hardcore mode. So it all depends on how well the hardocore mode is implemented. (and if there will be one at all)