Quite Mouse

Hey guys I'm looking for a mouse that will hopefully be quieter then the one I currently have.  The reason im looking for a quite mouse is because I'm planning on buying a desktop usb mike and as the mouse would be sitting rather close to it I need a somewhat silent one.  I don't need a super gaming mouse with sixteen buttons on it something simple would be fine.  I would prefer a cord mouse over a wireless one and something cheap under 50$ would be nice.  Suggestions are more then welcome thanks guy.


Never really thought about how loud a mouse click is, and honestly, I've never noticed a difference in the mice I've owned (granted, I've really only used logitech gaming mice for the better part of the last decade).  A quick google search tells me that the Microsoft Sidewinder mouse tends to be quieter than most, so it might be a good place to start.

If you can, head down to your local best buy, microcenter frys or other electronics store and try out their mice.  See what has the best balance of noise level and comfort for your hand/grip style.

Ya ill have to head down their and check some of them out. Ill also look up the sidewinder.