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Quietest RTX 2080Ti?

Hello guys,
I am looking to build a silent desktop system.
Can you tell me which is the quietest RTX 2080 Ti card?
Also I was wondering about some of those aftermarket GPU coolers like the ones from Arctic Cooling - are they better than EVGA’s out of the box coolers etc?

P.S. I am building an air-cooled build (AIO Hybrids also acceptable)

technically be quietest cards are the one with the biggest heat-sinks & fans and highest binned chips that dont necessary need to clock to max. clock.

that thing should be a lot quieter then the founders edition of the card

While I agree on that front, always replace the fans with Noctuas if you’re 100% silence focused.

The stock fans under load will still creep up to 40DBA or higher.

I would think the Kingpin with its 240mm radiator would be quieter, but it is also a giant price hike.

Rajintek Morpheus II with Noctua or BeQuiet Fans should also do.

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I need to pay like +500 EUR for the Kingpin and I wouldn’t be using 70% of its features as I am not an overclocker.
I was thinking about: + Noctua fan

That is not really the best option at all…
I can build you 3 times cheaper cooling using Arctic fans and you won’t be able to tell the difference sound wise.
Yes, Noctuas are great and all, but they are hardly the only ones up there. Be quiet and Arctic and what not companies are pretty good nowdays.

Here’s the thing about that: the cooler the video card, slower the fans will spin, lower the noise will be. And since you said

My guess is you using either one of those garbage cooling beQuiet cases or those garbage cooling Fractal cases… That will basically choke the case and keep the GPU warmer, so the fans will spin faster so it won’t be as quiet…
My general advice will be get a triple fan cooler from MSI or EVGA and don’t think about replacing it with anything… Gigabyte Aorus also had some pretty good reviews and let’s not forget you can always downclock that garbage so it will run cooler, therefore fans spinning slower, etc etc…
Just FYI I have 10 fans system with 19dBa noise, and it’s entirety airflow focused…


Just to back you up with some numbers:


From my own experience of trying to get close to a silent PC, having a case with plenty of airflow will allow you to maintain a decent low-noise setup as the GPU won’t need to spin the fans at a max speed but certain case designs you might need to go the extra effort of using noise dampening washers/gaskets to keep vibration at a minimal.

nVidia had raised the bar for RTX reference designs, they do run much cooler with plenty of reviews(2060 to 2080Ti) and many companies tweaked their cooling on upper tier models.

You are indeed right - I was going to pick the Fractal Design Define R6
What case and fan configuration would you recommend to achieve silent operation?

The Silverstone GD09 can be made to be quiet.
The LianLi O11Dynamic is like an aquarium but still has good airflow.

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hard nope from me boss

This is a fantastic case. In fact, im going to preemptively order one for my next build.


Is this the fan setup that you would recommend with the O11?

Insane overkill in my mind.
You want enough air movement to get heat out but too much will cause noise due to turbulence.
I would say, three or four in, three out.

I think I would prefer a non-glass case because I am not planning on doing pretty parts, I just want to pick whatever I like in terms of performance and it’s going to be a mix of all kinds of colors. I was considering the PC-O11 Air (it has less glass and is optimized for air) however it doesn’t support big coolers like Noctua D15 etc.

Can you recommend another case that can fit a bigger cooler and doesn’t have glass? What do you think about the Fractal Design Meshify series (these are supposedly designed with airflow in mind)

That is a tough one as the NH-D15 is seriously huge.
The BeQuiet DarkRock Pro4 is a few millimeters smaller and also a silence focused cooler.
Another option is the Cryorig H5 Universal

That said, I built a computer that is somewhat silence focused. The trick is not so much to fit the biggest cooler on everything, but to have constant low airflow (convection is of no concern because even you breathing is going to mess that up) and proper fan profiles (60°C is fine!).
I would recommend you take something like the Noctua NH-C14S or BeQuiet DarkRock TF and stick it in the Silverstone GD09 I mentioned earlier. Then put the whole thing as far away from you as possible.

Edit: There are also some passive PSUs available, wich will help cut down on noise further.

Should I go for high static pressure fans at low rpm or for low-noise fans like the ULN series of Noctua?

As per usual… Unless when I am not… :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely overpriced features poor case. 150$ for that…

Well, here’s the thing: I use a 5 years old case and so far I haven’t seen anything worth replacing it.
What you need is a fan controller (be it motherboard software and splitters or separate fan controller) and a lot of fans running on low voltage…
I have 6 fans running on 5V in my case.
You can buy 5 fans from Noctue for 100$, you can buy 5 fans from beQuiet for 120$ or you can buy 5 Arctic F12 for 30$ and run them on 5V and be just fine.

The front filter blocks air like nobody’s business. Remove the front mesh - instant 5 degrees lower temperatures. And that is a mesh panel.

You can’t really lose with static pressure fans. They still move good amount of air, they just push it through no matter what.
Ultra Low Noise fans are usually just standard fans with lower speeds. If a standard fan runs 2000rpm a low noise version will run at maximum of 1000 or something. But you can easily achieve that effect by controlling the fan speeds. Whatever you do you will have to play with fan speeds. You will not just put things together and forget about it.

That is really difficult thing to do. Every case nowdays have glass… God knows why. But they do.

I just want to clarify something…
Define R6 stuffed with a bunch of Noctua fans will be quiet as hell.
Currently we are splitting hairs. Mesh from case may be just as quiet, it will just give you better thermals because the GPU and CPU cooler fans won’t have to work as hard. In general silence optimized cases are doing their job.
If you like the idea of Define R6 and a bunch of Noctua fans - go for it.
However if I build a system now I wouldn’t go for those fans and that case.
The case is torturously difficult choise, because there is nothing good on the market, especially for a decent price. Everything is either way too expensive or way cut down in therms of features.

Well, I am not sure if I understand this correctly.
If Quiet cases are doing their job, but the mesh cases are doing the same without being quiet cases, doesn’t that mean that the quiet cases aren’t really doing a good job?

I am okay with paying more money for something that will protect my peace and quiet, if you can recommend anything please feel free to do so.

This is why I said we are splitting hairs over here…
The thing is, a quiet case you can stuff full of fans, run them at max speed and not bother anymore.
On other hand you can do what I do - get an airflow case, stuff it full of fans and fine tune those fans to be slow running and make no noise so you don’t need the noise dampening…