Quietest CPU coolers? (LGA 1155)

Looking for a very quiet but effective CPU cooler for my processor. I've been running in circles in what I want to get but I just don't know what to choose. Money isn't a problem at all, but of course suggest me something reasonably priced. 

I've been using a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 cooler. It works good and all, but since I have an Ivy Bridge CPU, it does tend to get a little loud when temps go up. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


EDIT: Liquid coolers work too. Sorry for not mentioning that.

If money isn't a problem then I would suggest going for water cooling. The difference is night and day. <50C on both fully loaded CPU (2500k) and GPU (7970) while staying absolutely quiet.

Yeah I forgot about liquid coolers lol, I added that to my post. Thanks

Quietest high performance CPU cooler by far is the Noctua NH-D14. It also performs better than any pre-filled liquid cooling system. Consumer-grade liquid cooling systems (prefilled kits) are relatively loud in comparison to a silent fan solution, because there's always the pump noise on top of the fan noise.

If you want the absolute best and quietest, get an experienced specialist to build you a custom glycol/distilled water loop with very high grade parts and at least 360*120 mm radiator space. The Noctua NH-D14 in a good case will outperform any liquid cooling system with a 280mm*140mm radiator or less, because there is just no way to beat the liquid cooling in the heatpipes of the Noctua, and the NH-D14 has 2*140*140 mm radiators, plus the Noctua has the best fans available without any competition that comes close.

I now have my doubts about liquid cooling since I bought my H60 and the cooling performance wasn't as good as I thought it would be and normal aluminum/copper/tower coolers seemed to be much more effieceint, esspecially on idle.

The quietness....if that's even a word lol....of the cooler really depends on the fans (IMHO). On my H60 I don't hear the pump at all, just the fans on accasion. I've tried, and wasted money, on various different "silent" fans. What I didn't take into consideration is that the H60's radiator fins are so close together that the air passing through it makes a whooshing noise at higher RPMs when otherwise used as a case fan, it does not.

If I had to say, I would go with anything Noctua has to offer or the Xigmatek Dark Knight II. The only problem I see with tower coolers like those is if you move your PC around a lot, to LAN parties/events. The frequent movement can damage the CPU, otherwise, it's not a problem.

liquid colling ftw 

NH-D14 definitely does not perform better than all AIO coolers. I fucking guarantee you it does not cool better than my H100i on full bast in push/pull (my temps don't exceed 59 C. on the hottest core, thank you very much), and NO WAY does it outperform the Swiftech H220, which I plan on upgrading to. NZXT Kraken X60, as well as the H90 and H110... ya, no Noctua cooler even with 4 fans is going to outperform those 140mm radiators. No fucking way.

I know some people like to think their $80 dollar air coolers are magically better than AIO water coolers, but the truth is we're not running H70s anymore, or even the last edition H100s anymore. 

As for my post, you can look at benchmarks yourself as well as do your own research. The air coolers will be pretty much quiet though, if that's what you're looking for. But anyways, I hate misinformation.

If you want the nice low profile that water cooling gives you but still want silence, and you're will to spend some money, I'd suggest either getting a Corsair H90 or a Corsair H100i, and replacing the fans with some Noctua fans.  Noctua fans are extremely quiet, and they're still able to move a lot of air.  If you want even better performance, set up your radiator with a push/pull configuration.  Just beware though, Noctua fans are pretty expensive, usually going for $30 per fan, so the total cost using an H100i with 2 Noctua fans would be around $160!