Quietest case? ATX midtower

Friend needs a quiet case that fits a GTX 770 please help out and give some suggestions

Please specify a budget.


Fractal Design Define R4?

thanks he was looking at that one he wanted another suggestion he will get this one

Of the cases Logan recommends most often, the Fractal Define R4 is definitely up there. It may not be flashy, but it is a damn sleek case.

I have fractal design define r4 black pearl (non window), run it with top and side panels in place... very quiet case and well built too. However watch out, its feet are too short for allowing much airflow to lower intakes, I have mines sitting on 4 jar lids to get a bit more air down there as I'm running a lower intake layout on the PSU. Also the included 3 speed fan controller doesn't clip the wires in place, so unless you cable manage very carefully they can fall out when the case is moved, again personally I did a DIY fix, this time just a wrap of black electrical tape, can't even see its there. The fan controller does work well though, and on meduim speed the included fans (2x 140mm 3pin) work well at the front. Other than that I run a Corsair H90 (140mm AIO CPU cooler) as the rear case exhaust and a noctua force 140mm PWM fan in the bottom to blow air onto my graphics cards, although this lower fan is a bit of a tight fit due to the modular cables of the PSU, so a 120mm isn't a bad option here, but I wanted all 140mm. This layout works well, it runs cool enough (~65c CPU and ~70c GPU maxed out) without much noise, but splashing out for 3 more noctua fans would help both airflow and noise if you can handle the cost.

So yeah, basically another +1 for define r4 here but corsair 200r is also good (cooler but louder and not as good to look at) for the money.

yeah i have a define r4 and its damn quite and it's really spacey, love it. nuff said really. if you don't wan't a define r4 buy a case and buy some sound deadening foam and fit it your-self. problem solved

If your not into the define r4 there are other options besides DIY, the corsair 550D being the big money option or the Bitfenix ghost and Corsair 330r both being slightly cheaper than the define r4, all those options have sound deadening and will work fine from what I've seen\read, but the define r4 is well though out, decently built, looks good and sits at a reasonable price point to boot, defiantly my choice still.

I'm getting one of these (R4) to put my parts into over Christmas.

I'll be running the fans on my mobo voltage controller though since that seems really elegant to get the very lowest speeds and lowest noise.

After much reading it seems the best case out there.

Was tempted by a 350D Corsair but my mobo is too big (just bought it haha)

you would be surprised actually about the the fan controller from the define r4 its really well built and implemented. you can hook up to 3 pwm fans to it and because of its placing in the case it allow for much easier cable routing, making it easier to make everything much tidier and relieves the the need for a splitter and or low noise adapters.

It does look like a great feature for a generation ago when mobo headers and stuff were not really so hot. I was considering this case for the fan controller feature to begin with!


But my new mobo appears to do voltage fan control really nicely, so I can be running 120mm fans at 400rpm here (Noctua one on my CPU for example) and then at high temp it can be up at 1200rpm!

May as well let it do it all itself rather than having me fiddle with the switch depending on what I'm doing.


Either way it's a lovely little case. I'll be getting a couple of extra 140mm S fans (same as the case comes with)... would rather have more fans running slowly rather than a few changing speed more often due to higher/lower loads from thermal changes.

Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 is on crazy sale right now!