'Quiet' mechanical keyboard?

So I have seen some of Logan's reviews on mechanical keyboards and they all seem very nice, however, they also sound very LOUD. My girlfriend goes nuts when I type or game on my current keyboard (it's not mechanical but its loud nonetheless).

So my question, is there a mechanical keyboard which is both quiet and still has the benefits of being a mechanical keyboard?




If we are talking about Cherry MX switches then read on... For ALPS, I don't have any experience with LOL

Cherry MX Black and Red are linear switches they are quiet, but being linear, you don't have that tactile feedback that most typists love. The difference between the Blacks and Reds are the amount of force needed to reach the actuation point; The blacks at 60g force and reds at 45g force.

The Cherry MX Brown, they are also quiet but this time with a tactile feedback. Also with 45g of actuation force.

Cherry MX Blue (which I Use) are loud (Clicky) switches; they also have tactile feedback.  50g of actaution force.

Here is a very helpful video to differentiate the Cherry MX switches and their sound samples.



There are other mechinacl switches there, but I will only give info on Cherry MX switches...

So with that being said, look for a keybaord with Blacks, Reds, for non clicky, non tactile keys; Browns, for non clicky, tactile keys.

Good Luck! 

Hey Rinax, thanks for the reply and interesting video. If I would have to chose I guess I would go with the browns. However, from what ive read and heard so far in vids, it seems like there arent any real silent mechanical switches. Surely there is a huge difference between the blue and brown switches but still... Its klickly as hell, especially when they are pressed slightly faster than slow-mo speed.


I ran across one keyboard however which might be what I am looking for?


"Quiet, non-clicking key switches and a built-in dampening ring underneath each keycap significantly reduce the distracting noise coming from your keypresses— without sacrificing responsiveness."

It's a bit pricey though, and I have read a review that states it is quiet, but not quieter than a standard membrane keyboard. Does anyone have any experience with one of these keyboards?

You can fit rubber rings under the keys to dampen the sound, which will make browns less audible.

I agree with Berserker. Some people add rubber o rings under the keys...

the reason why the browns may sound a bit loud is because it is "bottoming out", simply, the platic key is hitting the plastic switch.

having to add o rings will dampen them as Berserker mentioned.

If I am not mistaken, the Logitech G710+ uses Cherry MX Brown switches too. Maybe they added some dampeners to make them extra quiet.



I felt a blue the other day and it was reaaaaaallllyyy nice. But it was a bit too loud. Any suggestions? Will the ring help this? And is it hard to install?