Quick Sync video help?

OK, so I am planning starting to use OBS to do some streaming. I have an Intel processor and I was wanting to use Quick Sync video to offload the encoding.

The question I'm getting at is I need to install the driver for the iGPU to use Quick Sync and I was wondering if the iGPU driver would conflict the nvidia driver. So would it be safe for me to install the Intel GPU driver?

Computer I'm planning to use is my G74SX

Thanks guys

the iGPU driver doesn't conflict with the nvidia driver. I tired out quick sync a few days ago for the first time with OBS and it worked out pretty well. The only way the iGPU driver might mess with your nvidia drivers would be if for some reason your monitor was plugged into the motherboard instead of your graphics card. If you have any questions about streaming hit me up on twitch, DemonX09, I have been doing it for about 9 months now and I know OBS pretty well.

Cool, thanks