Quick Ram Configuration Question

Ok so i'm configuring a laptop not a pc. Here is the laptop I'm configuring http://www.dinopc.com/shop/pc/configurePrd.asp?idproduct=2025

Main question: I'm configuring the ram and I want the 8GB Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance Sodimm

For some reason the 2x4gb kit is more expensive then the 1x8gb kit? why is this? are there are preformance gains from the 2x4gb kit over 1x8gb kit?

secondary non necessary question: If you know of any better laptops in that less then 15.6" form factor please tell me about it


2x4GB will allow you to run in dual channel mode, which equates to higher performance(albeit by not a whole lot).  However, 1x8GB will allow you to add another 8GB stick in the future for a total of 16GB, while also having the benefits of dual channel memory if you have 2x8GB.

you think its worth the exta 4.20 pound

If you don't plan to upgrade, get the 2x4 kit.  If you do plan to upgrade, get the 1x8kit.

I personally wouldn't get the Corsair DIMMs  The other options should perform just the same.