Quick Question!

What do you think of this case: 


I like the aesthetics, but somebody on another forum has told me that it is pretty small, and there are other cases I'd be better off getting. 

Can you tell me what you think?

Also, could you let me know any other cases for under £55 from Amazon.co.uk or Dabs. I would like a sort of sleek black design, Leds in the front are cool but I'd prefer not. Although, if this is all you can find, I'd love to take a look at it too.


good case. but for 50 pounds maybe a bit to much. but if you want a good case that won't suck than take the 200r.

i prefer to spend more on a case like these




I was designing a build for a friend and came across the "Bitfenix Shinobi". Looked pretty good to me. Very sleek and only £50 on Amazon.

Unfortunately there are some cut-corners in there but that's the truth for most budget cases, that, infact, is why they are "budget".


The thing is, cases are all rather personal, it's all you ever see of your computer so it makes sense to get something that YOU think looks nice.

Just have a look around, watch some reviews and such. So long as it looks decent-quality and you like how it looks, you're fine.

+1. bitfenix is a bit expensive for what you get.

It is a good enough case, but for the money and a slightly smaller form factor, I would recommend the Fractal Arc Midi mATX:


For around £60.

To be completely honest, I've been searching for a new case for about two months. There are a LOT of cases out there, with very different style, price ranges, and features. It helps reading many, many reviews and watching youtube videos.

I feel that picking a case is very personal, and it depends on the looks you prefer, your budget and the features you think will be most useful to you. I am also a ferm believer that you will keep a good chassis longer than one or two hardware update cycles (same goes for the PSU and the peripherals).

My personal opinion is that the Carbide 200r is a good case for that price.

Now, if you are looking for better cooling support (including stellar watercooling), removable hard drive cages or simply better fan filters you can always buy the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, it's about 75 pounds on amazon.co.uk.

If you are looking for a silent case, an understated design and great quality, you can take a look at the Fractal Design Define R4 or the Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 cases (both around the 75 mark).