Quick question

i have a few hhds laying around with operationing sytems installed on them if i use them as additional storage will this cause a problem also if i take my main hdds from my current computer and switch is with an older one i own will it cause a problem? 

Normaly it should cost no problems, as long as you use your current HDD as boot drive, i would recommend, if you use those additional drives, i would personaly format them, in windows, with a partition manager, if you dont use those OS anymore.

You Cannot boot those osses who are installed on those drive, because it contains drivers etc from other hardware and will cost you bsod while booting. but as additional storage it should work.

grtz Angel ☺

As angel said you probably want to format them ( I personal dont touch paritions witout gparted which is a linux livecd) as it's just easier. Though you don't have to as it will just mean all the boot files and such filling space and if boot priority gets mixed up you can have yourself thinking what the hell is going on.

In regards to swapping harddrive between computers alls good as you can clone the partitions with software  if you want to use it as the boot drive, but it's kind of easier depending on your situation to do a fresh install as in my opinion everything works smoother 

thanks for the the advice questions came from me building a new pc and wanting to add additional storage but when i was young and in experinced i swaped a harddrive from my latest broken laptop to and older working laptop and it broke it to say the least even when i put the original hardrive in it,it did not boot after that.