Quick question

I just ordered a 7870XT yesterday and told my friend about it. He says that someone has shown him the card before and thinks that his laptop graphics card is better. He says he has a 540M in his laptop and he claims to be able to run 3 Battle Field 3's and fraps 2 of them simultaneously.

The question I have is.... well 2. Is he telling the truth? If not, how much better will the 7870XT perform against it.

He is lying, and your card will murder his enitre laptop. There is no way he runs BF3 and Fraps simulataneously with decent FPS.

I would say that the 7870 is better than the 540m, because its newer, and is made to compete with a 660, so hes probably BSing you.

unless hes über-clocked it to 2-fold i highly doubt his laptop will ever out perform a 7870XT

And overclocking on a laptop, especially at that level, would make a puddle of melted Chinese, electronic soup.

I kinda figured that. Just wanted some "professional" clarification, thanks peeps.