Quick Question

So far on my new build (nearly ready to get parts) I have alwasy intended on using a Fractal Design r4, but i would much like to have a front panel for USB/ SD/headphones/ ect., i much like the design of the r4, but is there anybody out there who knows of a case that is nearly the same but with the front panel? or maybe just some way to get that USB, even if just one, out in front? This is not neccessary to my plans but it would seemingly be a hassle to have to unplug and pull out my pc if i ever needed to use a flash drive. Thank you if you can help.

The fractal design does have front panel usb, its on the top.


But you can always just get some kind of 5 1/4" bay usb port / hub thing.

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Thanks XD i'm a freaking idiot. I must have been looking at the wrong case or something, or i was just looking at the pictures and not seeing it.... not that i just look at the pictures 0.O... anyway thanks. i should probably not post when i am tiered.