Quick question: Which is the best defrag software for windows 8/8.1?

Hello guys, I've been searching for a while for a decent software that I could use to defrag my HDD to keep it running at it max performance. At the moment, I use the popular 'Defraggler' from Piriform Lt. and the thing is... it's very SLOW. I wonder which is the best tool to use. Can you peeps help me find a better one?


I'd suggest keeping Defraggler around mainly to have an occasional look at how fragmented the files are, but mostly leave Windows to itself. And then when you do feel like having Defraggler do some extra work, settle for a Quick Defrag. Or even just analyze the drive, then defrag some of the worst offenders by picking them in the list of fragmented files sorted by the largest number of fragments. But remember that as long as a drive has a lot of free space left on it, large files can be allowed to be in lots of fragments without that causing any issues. For instance it doesn't really matter if a 1GB video file is stored in a hundred fragments.

Windows own defrag really is good enough nowadays. Programs are regularly moved to the front and larger fragments are wisely ignored. One can change the default schedule to simply run more often if so desired, but it's typically not necessary. Maybe run a complete defragmentation right after Windows has been freshly installed on a system with all its updates and drivers, then once or twice a year. Most users who care for this manually are seriously overdoing it.

Lastly, get an SSD for the system drive and forget all about it. :-)