Quick question about my display ports?

Hey guys, I've recently built my PC and I'm having a great time on it. I currently have it setup to my desk, which, subsequently, is about 7 feet away from my 42" TV. Now, I love gaming at my desk, but I don't want to completely move my PC every time I want to game on the TV with my friends. My question is: If I have my monitor hooked up via DVI, and I bought a HDMI cable to connect it to my TV, will it affect the gaming performance of my computer? Most of the time I'm going to be running my TV on a completely different channel while I game at my desk. Will this impact the performance even if it's not running on that channel? Thanks a lot in advance, any help is much appreciated.

negligible performance hit, also regardless of what channel it's on it's still sending the signal unless you disable the display in the os