Quick question about Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5

Does it support ECC?



Yes, but I don't believe it is "officially" supported.

Yeah, I saw that thread. Most the replies were over a year old. Was hoping for more current replies. I'll keep digging. 


i dont know for sure, but i think not.

Till now only Asus AM3+ boards are stated as official ECC mem support, as far as i know.

Grtz Angel ☺

That won't have changed. I think you will be fine if you get ECC memory. You could always buy one used stick of ECC memory on ebay for next to nothing and test it out if you want to be sure.

No doubt, there  is ZERO information on gigabyte's end that suggests it works. I've just come across a couple threads talking about, much like the one crazymobster posted. People are claiming on the 990fx-ud3 ud5 and ud7 they've been able to run ECC. 

My only worry... is it REALLY running as ECC? I'm thinking about using this machine as a freenas box, so I really need to know the ECC would be doing it's job. 


i understand, like i said i dont know sure about Gigabyte am3+ boards. i think they wont support ecc ram.

As far as i know only Asus am3+ boards do support ECC ram.



After reading your post I actually tried it. I have the same mobo and some spare ECC-memory so I tested it.

Result: Memory works fine, but it seems error correction is not enabled. The BIOS of the UD5 doesn't offer an ECC option and CPU-Z recognizes the RAM as normal 1866Mhz memory.

If you still want to build an AMD-based Freenas, try an Opteron 3350HE (4x2.8Ghz) + Supermicro Motherboard. They are not that expensive. The Supermicro H8SML-7F even features a real onboard SAS-Controller for larger RAID-configurations. Pretty cool.

Good info in this post. Do you use a Rev 1.0 board?

Rev. 1.1