Quick question about cooling

Hello guys and gals,

I will be purchasing parts for a build soon and I have a quick question. I am thinking about not buying a cooler master hyper 212 EVO right away and using the stock cooler on an AMD FX-6300 for awhile until I get the money to buy the hyper 212 EVO. If I don't plan to overclock and will be using the rig for mostly gaming and schoolwork/programming will heat be an issue I should be concerned about?

Heat is always an issue. General advice says, the more efficiently you get heat away from your CPU, the better.

So what's this mean? Answer: perform any CPU intensive operations like calculate the value of Pi or game or something like that and you will be generating heat from your CPU/APU. (Though I also hope your power supply (PSU) is up to the challenges too!) A stock CPU cooler should work adequately to "dissipate" any heat. But heat up your CPU for a long enough period of time and you may be looking for a new CPU.

My advice: Get the better CPU cooler especially if you intend to do any gaming or anything else that will significantly heat up the CPU for any long period of time. Otherwise, go stock.


Thank you for your help! My PSU is a corsair CX 500w so it should most definitely be up to the challenge. I've decided to keep it in my build and wait a little longer to build the whole thing.

no for the fx 6300 the stock cooler is fine for what your describing as your use for this cpu. you can easily hold out a few months and sticking to the stock cooler. but i would upgrade the cpu cooler sooner then later.

i have an fx8350 and the stock cooler sucks for that. but for the 6300 it uses less power and heat. when gaming or editing with the 6300 you wont go above 58c

Honestly it WILL affect your rig by not having and after market cooler!! But not by much :) I too have the 6300 and used the stock cooler for a year until i changed to the 212 evo. Tbf i dont look at temps so i have no clue if they have drastically changed but the stock cooler is fine for gaming. In fact i would probably say i notice noise more from my case now then i did before but i have a crappy case with no right side panel and a massive extractor fan outside my window that way overwhelms the computer noise.

Well if you are not overclocking you will be fine with the stock cooler for a while.

i used my stock cooler on my FX8350 for more then a year without any issues. It was capable to keep my cpu cool enough, BUt you need to make sure, that you have airflow inside your case, thats important.

THe stock cooler only can get realy loud, if your system is on stress. But other then that, it did a totaly fine job.