Quick memory question

when you use DDR2 ram and it says it runs at 800mhz does it really run at that speed? or is it actually 400mhz x 2?

It is actually 400mhz dumble pumped (ie. 400mhz X 2= 800mhz operating speed).....Edit: not really sure what u are asking but the memory does operate at 800 mhz speeds not 400mhz.

yeah but it says my RAM runs at 400mhz. i was thinking it says that because it's double pumped; like how it says my video card runs at 900mhz (3600mhz quad pumped)

Uhhh. according to math 400x2=800... So yeah...
running at 800mhz
and 400mhz x2 is exactly the same.

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ha, to true!

DDR = Double Data Rate, Thus 800mhz RAM is really 400mhz at a multiplier of 2.

Edit: And for future reference, DDR3 IS NOT multiplied by 3 it is still DOUBLE data rate, 3 is just the genreration.

DOUBLE DATA RATE. DOUBLE. WTF is so hard to understand?

I'm still waiting for QDR