Quick amiga file recovery thread

Trying to push myself to finish this over the next few days so hopefully this thread can push me to do it.

I have to finish my file project with my amiga’s. Again, if you aren’t familiar, a few years ago now I got an amiga 2000 from someone we were buying a woodshop tool from, but part of the deal was I needed to get some files for the original owner. He was a preacher, and I’d like to get at least something translated for him.

As of now I have everything I need almost. I’m very close, at least. My amiga 500 has a hard drive set up but I am in need of the management software that goes with it. I’m also working on some drive BS to have my gotek be an external drive. Still working on that. If I can get that running correctly hopefully I can get stuff running really quick. This A500 is also set up with a 2.1 kickstart, so when running 2.0 or 2.1 I get dos floppy compatibility. So I can move files! I’m almost done, but again, need the management software.

I just need the push to get some of this running. Its just old formats that are hard to follow is all ;n;

more to come maybe


My AmigaDOS is rusty to the point of being pretty worthless now a days :frowning:

May I suggest you check out http://eab.abime.net/index.php

This is the English Amiga Board run by RCK.

It’s a long time forum with a ton of other Amiga related sub-sites as well.

There are so many peeps that would be able to help you out for sure :wink:

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I’m already there!

There you go, same handle over there as here ?

My handle on EAB is jmmijo

No I’m not the same usernam there but you’ll find me :wink: I don’t like to reveal my usernames.

Some progress. I wasn’t aware that there was an amiga hardware database that basically lists everything that has, or is being, made for the amiga.


this appears to be close enough to my disk that it’d probably work. Theres some floppies here that would indicate that the HDD might have yet another accelerator in it. Its been modified, so now I have an irk to open it and see exactly what has been done to it.

Anyways. Apparently HDToolBox in the WB 2.1 disk should be able to do the job. I’m going to hope so, at least for the moment. Though I do remember an error message that said something about not recognising the disk, but that had to have been the installer… I don’t quite remember exactly so I’ll need to see what made that error again.

Doing a little more reading and cleaning the house some, so may not get to ripping that hard drive apart today, but I think the A500 needs to not be in my shelf. It was nice for a little while, but I need it loose of its seat so I can access the ports better.

More coming. Maybe.

Edit: Also for some bloody reason linux supports the drive.


Hey dude.

My latest project is coming together :slight_smile:

I acquired this grubby A500+ via ebay:

With a leaky battery that I’ve promptly removed:

And a keyboard with 27 years of god knows what:

Anyhow, newly ordered replacement parts have started to trickle in from Germany and AmigaKit UK. The main washup is now complete and disk drive, keyboard, RGB out and sound all tested. My 15" TFT multisync screen works perfectly (previous purchase for use with MIST) and best of all. An ACA500Plus from Individual Computers should arrive today. https://icomp.de/shop-icomp/en/shop/product/ACA500plus.html

Finally I will be able to save the contents of Amiga 3.5" floppies to a FAT32 CF card, and also download ADF files and write them back out to floppy disk :smiley:

The Action Reply III functionality will be ace too, I always wanted one back in the day (you can use it to grab images and music files out of chip ram and cheat in games or mess with copy protection routines).

Whereas I hab real hard drive
very cool dood

Is the one in the link? Is the software you need in here?


Probably but I have no idea how to use a dms file.

Make a thread about your A500 so I’m not alone lol I’m basically the only one on this board

DMS is a floppy disk image file, it’s a little like ADF but was for use within AmigaOS.

I think this tool can let you open them up on Windows: http://adfopus.sourceforge.net/

I’ll take some pics and start a thread as my new build comes together :slight_smile:

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Show us dat mobo too. I plan to do a mobo break down thread on my 500.

And possibly 2000 since tehy are almost the same machine just with the zorro bus rearranged.

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Will do. Just downloaded and tested that adfopus tool with a DMS, it works. You can use it to copy the files out of the DMS image to a local dir. I guess you can then use UAE to to push them into an ADF image you can use on your Gotek?


Well this is a breakthrough indeed.

Even better, it has a batch convertor to convert .DMS images into .ADF files. Now that is useful (for me) - if I ever stumble across an old drive with amiga demos in dms format :rofl:

Hot damn