Questions regarding the 3090

Since the 3090 is out now I’m wondering about two things:

  1. Regarding the FE first and foremost, I am unsure if the PCIe slot can handle that much weight for an assumed lifespan of 3y. I mean, you shouldn’t shake your PC regardless, but do you think that this card is too heavy? Or is this no issue and the slot can handle way more than I think it can.

  2. Is this card in essence the ultimate space heater. I don’t have an AC unit in my apartment and during the summer, I limit my gaming or don’t game at all if the temperature is too high. (I also like to spend time outside regardless, so that’s not an issue). However, I was wondering how much a card like this can heat up a room when compared to different high-end gaming cards. (2080ti? Vega 64?)

I’m sure the 3090 will pump out quite a bit of heat just by looking at the power draw numbers. They are even higher than the 3080. From what I’ve seen, the FE cooler does a decent job of keeping the card itself cool. That just means that all the heat created by that 400-watt peak power draw is moved efficiently away from the GPU and into your case and out the back of the graphics card.

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Yeah, the question also is if one notices the 50-100W difference. But I think that’s difficult to say and one would have to try for oneself…

your PCI slots will be fine, most of the weight is supported on the case bracket and it has 3 places to screw in since its triple slot, screw in all 3 and you’ll be fine

if you are buying a 3090, chances are you aren’t pairing it with a A320 mobo and most mobos today have reinforced PCI-E slots

also consider getting an AC unit for your room, its like 10% the cost of a 3090

If budget is ALL a factor in your purchase decisions
please consider getting a 3080 instead because for every 100$ more you spend on a 3090 is about 1% gain in performance, its a luxury first, workstation card second, gaming card third

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These questions are more hypothetical than anything. I’m curious regarding this behemoth of a GPU and what this generally means for the buyer.
I would also like to know how much the heat output of the GPU will be felt, but I think that’s difficult to know without testing it.

X doubt


I don’t think it even has all the Titan capabilities enabled. :frowning:

Care to elaborate?

Titan driver pathways are not enabled. Some types of math are gimped


So basically the 3090 offers to little for gamers when compared to the 3080 and too little for production workloads…


You can always get a slot bracket if you’re worried about over-tweaking the slots on your board.

Worth the price of admission if you’ve got to pick and poke at it while installing tubing and fittings.


Yeah that’s true, I purchased one for my old GPU but never bothered installing it in the end :smiley: (Yeah, I’m a lazy)

I bet there is at least one person doing that :smiley:

buy a 3080 and use the remaining cash for an A/C… the card is a space heater idk if you wanna sweat your balls off while you game though that’s your business.

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Not everyone lives in [insert hot place here], some of us live in [insert cold place here]. A space heater of a GPU and no A/C is not always a bad thing


Well, yes and no. It depends on how much hotter than a normal gaming PC it gets. But since this is very subjective, I doubt anyone here can answer that. Furthermore, an AC can only do so much and for 700$ you can only get a mobile AC to begin with.

idk i got a 12,000 btu unit new unopened off facebook for $100 but that’s beside the point.

The 3090 looks to output 75w more heat than the 3080 and is looking to be the hottest card in recent memory (by a small margin) outside of dual GPU units whereas the 3080 is comparable to flagship cards of the past.

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3090 is purely an e peen card.

not practical, not efficient, not required and will throw heaps of heat. but some just want bragging rights. buy 3080 until next gen comes out.


as to heat, i did vega 64 crossfire for a bit. it’s noticeable after a few hours :joy:. even 100-200 watts additional heat is noticeable room heat wise.

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IDK, we got a new in-wall 12,000 btu one for like US$500. Still if my dad and I are both working our PCs, especially rendering, it has a hard time keeping up. :frowning: Plus the electric bill is oof. Winter is downright fridgid out, but we rarely have to have the heat on, just when it’s like -20C or lower usually.

I think people who game a lot will notice the extra heat and extra $$ electric bill.


I managed to undervolt my 3090 at 1950mhz to 950Mv which reduced the wattage and heat significantly, obviously your mileage will vary per card but there is plenty of room

my AIB card is 370w TDP and the sensor for the card was reporting 275w with the undervolt

EDIT: just to clarify you won’t sustain high boost clocks with the undervolt, full utilization is still something like 390w, the undervolt helps for most usage that isn’t almost full utilization which is where the 275w comes from

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