Questions on ASUS padphone.... thing

I know that the padphone X is 2 years old now but just saw a video on it.... Why is this not a more common form factor? This is a thing that I would love to have and I have never seen before. Connect this to my desktop as a center of operations? That would be amazing!

Why isn't this around? Would this work as a laptop? What would be the major limitations? Why has no one gotten rich off of this stupid thing?

If apple did this with an iphone that ran OSX for like 800 bucks I'd do that.

Its not convenient to not be able to use your phone whenever your using your laptop/tablet. People text and make phone calls while still using their tablet for various things. Limiting yourself to only using your phone or your tablet doesn't make sense. Its not convenient to have to completely get out of your work to answer a text, but that's what you have to do with a combo device like this. If you have your phone at your side, you can respond to a text, email, or call without completely shifting what your doing on your larger screen device.

An iPhone 6S plus with 128gb's of storage is $949 right now. If apple made this, it would upwards of $800 for the phone and than probably a lot more than that for the tablet/laptop dock kind of thing. You'd be better off buying a stand alone phone and laptop at that price point.

Should be mainstream by now. Ubuntu introduced their phone based on this very idea in the beginning of 2012 iirc but no-one cared.
And not being able to use the phone while linked to the computer? That's an excuse belonging to the 90's. Why couldn't you link those devices with bluetooth? Speed Isn't an issue.