Questions on AMD linux drivers - Radeon V. Catalyst?

Curious here, is the radeon driver better than Catalyst? Catalyst ceased development correct? As a streamer and actually a lover of the open source drivers is there a reason to even keep Catalyst on my system? I feel like there isn't but I'm not going to waste the time if I don't have to.

It depends. I can't launch Steam unless Catalysts are installed.
But since the drivers are old, no kernel after 4.2 is supported and some older version of Xorg is required. I don't have either, too new software. No Steam-games for me.

So I run opensource Mesa+Gallium-nine.
Works good for me, via Wine.
Swtor around 80 fps average on High, Eve Online at refreshrate of monitor, 144 Hz.

I've seen a couple benchmarks where opensource driver is faster than Proprietary but it depends on game. And also graphics card.

Eep how am I at 4.4 using catalyst :UUU

You do get worse performance with the radeon drivers and, yes, AMD has stopped developing Catalyst (fglrx) for linux.

AMD is currently working on a new, open source, driver 'amdgpu'. The kernel module can be installed/enabled in kernel versions 4.2 and above by recompiling or installing your distro's package for it.

What distro and GPU are you using?

Arch and a 370. I've already tried I'm not supported.

From what I know the 370 is in the same boat as my 7950 they are both GCN 1.0 where the new AMDGPU-pro only has support at the moment for GCN 1.1>. There was a post on Phoronix about one of the AMD guys posting in the git about current CI/SI work going well which could mean we see GCN 1.0 support in the near future.

I would expect it to be atleast a few months wait before we see anything concrete from it.


Says on the box my card is like 1.1 checks

Must have said that on my 250X box. Either way I am eagerly waiting for AMDGPU to come ;-;

@FaunCB Yeah same here, can't wait to see what AMD can do with the new driver structure they are building.

Though I doubt that they'll bring support for GCN 1.0 and 1.1.

Shut the fuck up lol

Well they do have some code for 1.1, so you can hope that the arch or linux community will give you support for 1.1.
But I gave up my hope that they will support my hd 7870.
But it wouldn't make any sense for AMD to support the older cards.

I would doubt they would go that far back but my 370 has been tested on AMDGPU so I know that it will be supported. I've seen it on Phoronix benchmarks.

I hope it'll support 1.1 in the future otherwise I wasted $500 on an R9 390...

Catalyst (aka Crimson) is still technically better for compatibility and such, generally offer more FPS, however suffer allot of frame dips and stutters in certain configurations. Be sure to turn off VSYNC as that doesn't work well for catalyst and under Linux it costs performance most the time. (you can expect to see -30-40% performance by simply using it).

The AMDGPU-Pro driver has open AMDGPU integrated with some catalyst code for anything about OGL4.1 or Vulkan.

IMO the open drivers are still far from ready as they don't work well for all hardware, the 280 cards and Fury cards have seen the most benefit from them in recent times. 290x/390x see some of the WORST performance progress unfortunately with AMD drivers under Linux (unsure why, GCN version?)

Ultimately Crimson drivers are still a viable option if your content with Kernel4.1 or below. I wasn't getting decent framerate at 4k with Crimson anyway so am just sticking with Open drivers and latest kernel for the time being, some games can be made to work 'ok' but in general I don't game with my 390x under Linux (not enough performance untapped).

PS. The best games to play with AMD open drivers atm is the SOURCE engine games, from Valve.

So if I go on the AMD site and get Crimson 16.27 with linux support does just nothing get better?

Never mind it really isn't supported in the shortest fucking time it was. What the fuck AMD I might as well use my 9800.

If I bumped up my CPU platform would that help frames? Anything is better than a phenom I assume :P

16.27? I thought the last version was 15.12.

I got a note in windows that the new version had come out. I didn't know production had literally ceased I never looked into it. I just thought they didn't care because of whats been going on.

Yeah, there is 16.3 available win Windows, the last version for Linux was 15.12. Just checked.