Questions ideas for 'short' meaningful discussion during the news

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so i'll start of an example idea, since in the news there was the segment on banning the porn. what do you think of alternative means of access information/networks, like free net, tor hidden services, if people set up a dns(search page whatever) on a lan at a college or cybercafe etc,


could have websites/services for clubs, study groups, activities, blogs, page for class/teachers etc

the people that go and set up their own isp like

i guess in short what do you think of people taking it in their own hands to try and get access to information to the people around them?

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I think more people should do this, would love to do something like the Orcas.... but am lazy lol

I like this idea, I personally would like a future where every home had a sever of sorts it in and things would be more peer to peer.... one day maybe I'll draw up a rough draft of the idea for everyone to laugh at and tell my how naive I am lol

theres definitely been some successful attempts at making their own isp before
example this guy with over dem 30k nodes

(the video linked in the article bit down)
just mean.. dont see how it wouldnt be good to have competition in that other networks exist so icann and whoever else cant just choke point everything, and with the ddos attacks on the higher level domain stuff, having more than one source of internet/networking can make it much harder to ddos when you can get it from different streams
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