Questions for Ryan about his Coleman water bottle

Questions for Ryan about his Coleman water bottle he used on the “Level1 News December 21 2021” video. Is it vacuum sealed? Does it really hold the liquid cold for hours? I have a Stanley cup and it holds cold drink for hours and hours, but Coleman use the same vacuum technique as far as I know and it costs less, so I’m tempted to buy a growler from Coleman. Would you recommend Coleman products based on that bottle?

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I haven’t tested a lot of bottles. I fill it with as much ice as it can hold and then constantly refill it with water. The temp of the refills decides how long the ice lasts, but I usually top that off too. If I don’t touch it there will definitely be ice at the end of the day, probably next day too. If you refill from room temp water your ice will perish quickly

I bought the smaller Coleman because it was on sale for $10 but it didn’t hold enough water for me, so I upgraded at full price and do not regret the purchase.


I’ve used this and I’ve been happy so far.

12 ice cubes + cold water definitely lasts for more than 24 hours and keeps it cold enough for about 48 or so hrs.

My only gripe is that you cant immerse the entire thing on water and the cup is made out of plastic and using a coarse scrub will make you drink probably microplatics. I just use a sponge without a scrub to clean the plastic cup.

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Thank you! So yeah, it probably works like they advertise. Gotta give it a shot. Just found out about these vacuum sealed thermal sorcery, my Stanley cup work like someone threw a spell on it, that aint science :slight_smile:

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