Questions for Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Two-Piece

here is the case i am talking about


here is what i was wondering ...

can i put a PSU in the small case as well as HDD and a DVD drive and have my mother board in the bottom case? OR would i half to get a mini atx power supply? the power supply i am using is a corsair 850W moduler psu thanks for the help guys

Yes, you can fit a full size ATX power supply, HDDs, and an ODD all in the smaller case at the same time

Here is what I was wondering...

Why would you?

i think it would look cool just show off the mobo and hide the rest of the stuff


I understand OP what you want to see but why not just buy a case like the corsair 540??? It'll look way better than the (sorry but I have to say 'gimmicky') stacker series.

i dont care for the way the dvd drive mounts on the 540 AND from what ive seen in person at frys the case doors seems a bit flimsy ive had a haf 932 and that thing was strong as hell what do you think makes the stacker case a gimmek? as fawr as "stacking" goes it would just be the two cases

Gimmick in that, why have two cases in the first place. Just get don't that hides the other parts like the Next h440  and now they get to charge you double to buy two cases rather than just one.

Function first then form.

If you are looking to hide hard drives and your power supply, give the Phanteks Enthoo Pro a look, I have one and its an absolutely wonderful case and its about $70 cheaper than the haf stacker