Questions about windows on a fresh PC

Hey i'm going in to build a new pc and have a few questions about windows. I'd like to avoid buying a new copy of windows if possible. I have an old copy of XP and a windows 7 upgrade. Will that cut the cheese? 

Windows 7 upgrade meaning a Win 7 Product Key? If so, then all you will need is a Windows 7 install disc.

Yeah I've got a copy of windows 7 with a product key and everything. But it says windows upgrade on the case. Is that irrelevant? 

Not sure, the disc is probably just an upgrade disc instead of an install disc. There might just be an option on the regular disc to upgrade though, in which case you should have no problems. I haven't installed windows for quite a while, so I cannot say for certain if this information is correct.

EDIT: What does the disc look like?

It's just an upgrade disc (Just looks like a normal disc by the way)  I do have the install disc for XP with the codes and everything. So I'll probably just install XP then upgrade to 7 with that upgrade disc. Sound like a plan? Maybe? :p 


I say try to install win7 and if you cant then do xp first

I'll try. Maybe the upgrade disc will work for install. 

I hope so!