Questions about virtI/O drivers related to FreeBSD

FreeBSD seems like an OS that wouldn’t need that added. My use case is running FreeNAS and PFSense on one box and not having performance crippling issue, like added network lag for my gaming PC. FreeNAS looks to have simple point-and-click support for most of what I want, except the network management available with PFSense.

I recall Wendell mentioning significant errata with virtualization support on Sandybridge, and that being a large part of why the
E5-V1 Xeons are available as cheap as they are (at least the ones that don’t have at least modest gaming potential are cheap). Using newer hardware isn’t in my budget.

Links etc. to any info relevant would be appreciated. I’m a noob to actually doing this stuff, but savy to some of the lingo and how it all interacts.