Questions about using secondary drive as storage

Hi all!

I am currently in the process of copying all my important files to an external HDD so i can format my old hard disc, as i just got my first SSD (Yay!). My plan is to use my old HDD as a storage drive, for programs i don't use frequently, videos, documents etc., however i need some help on how this will work:

When i want to install a program to the storage drive, will i just have to set the installation path to it?

Is it the same with steam and it's games?

When a game places files in the 'My Documents' folder, will it save it on my main drive (the SSD), or will it create the folder on the storage drive? If it's the latter, where will it be placed, as there's no user folders on it?

Will any program be able to run from the storage drive? And will it lower program performance compared to if it was my OS drive?


Sorry for all the questions, i just want to be sure about what i'm going into :P

Thank you in advance!


To sum up the many questions you have here,

Yes, you can direct programs to install to a directory on your secondary storage device, however do take note that there is some software out there that will not allow this, I cant think of one off the top of my head but they are there.

Also with games, Steam, Origin, Etc, yes you can install those all to a secondary drive as well, aside from that I think you are putting to much thought into it, and might be a little over worried, you cant really mess anything up with the setup you are talking about so the best thing to do is set it up the way you want it, redirect your installs to where you would like them and the rest will just fall in place as you go along.


You will see what I mean when you get started with it.

Okay, thank you. I guess i'm a little nervous about the throught of formatting the drive :P I'm gonna give it a go when it finishes copying my files to the external Hard drive ;)

Have a nice day!


Just an FYI you may want to create some file folders, like games as one programs as another and maybe documents, music ect..Just to give you some organization on your HDD..I know I am stating the obvious but if you didn't know some games and programs don't create their own file folder..